The Problem

  • It's in there - the document you want to find, the file you need to manage or the record you have to retain.
  • Where is "there?"
  • Buried deep in your content shares and physical documents - also known as "unstructured data."

Continuum's Solution

  • Visually classify of all document types - native files as well as scanned images.
  • Normalize and rationalize all of your data, regardless of media or form.
  • Classifiy and content-enable all of your data to enrich your ECM system.


Data-Driven Information Governance

Continuum Advisors, LLC ("Continuum") is the first information governance consultancy in the world to incorporate BeyondRecognition's suite of technology in its IG models for data remediation, migration, classification, business intelligence, litigation discovery, compliance and other enterprise data initiatives. We leverage data to inform and drive your business and governance decisions.

Our multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, enterprise content management experts, records management and information security professionals bring their experience and expertise to help our clients achieve their data and governance objectives. Whether working directly with corporate and law firm clients or BeyondRecognition channel partners, we develop and deploy turnkey projects and initiatives related to taming "big data" in a variety of contexts.

As the only organization certified by BeyondRecognition to deploy its suite of document technology tools, our objective is to assist clients and channel partners in leveraging this emerging technology in a fit-for-purpose solution to resolve client challenges in an efficient, defensible and uniform manner.

Continuum's role in the deployment of BeyondRecognition technology assures a predictable baseline of performance - one that is scalable, sustainable, defensible and completely replicable. The result is a collaborative implementation of this disruptive technology that achieves stated objectives across a variety of data classification initiatives.

Examples_VC_and_AE_v3Powerful new approach to information governance

Visual document classification

  • Automatic, hands-off, no exemplar selection needed, no complex selection rules to develop 
  • User labels clusters and places labels on document classification tree

Zonal attribute extraction

  • Automated SMEs replace data input armies
  • SMEs paint areas to extract data from each classification type
  • Painted data is extracted from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of documents instantaneously

Glyph-to-text via Global Glyph Catalog

  • Single-instance editing - one keystroke can correct millions of instances
  • Effective on 100% of data - text, drawings, graphics, schematics, maps, charts, well logs, etc.